Well I guess with what has been going on around the world it's time for us as a league to come to terms that a 2020-21 CIHL season is not looking like it will be possible.

So with that said this is the announcement that we as an executive were hoping to avoid, but is has been decided that we will not run the 2020-21 CIHL season.

The executive believes we have delayed long enough, we had a schedule to start December 4th but with recent restrictions feel that in any circumstances less than a super miracle vaccination, we would probably not return to play with spectators in time to salvage a 20-21 season.

In saying that if things change in the new year the league would explore and approve exhibition games as long as all BC Hockey and local Guidelines are met, please contact us for further guidelines.

The executive would also like to recommend that all teams release some sort of media, web page, FB or press release explaining the circumstances of the cancelled season(No Spectators), the league will be doing the same.

We also ask that each team thanks the support of each community, their fans, volunteers and sponsors for the opportunities they have given the league, the teams and the players, without their past and future support we would not be able to host these great community events, we will need their support more than ever to start back up.

The CIHL will be back as soon as we can play in front of our valued communities and fans.

CIHL President
Ron German